What I Eat In A Day

***** five stars

For this assignment, I had to make a video of everything I ate in a day! This video is actually from last semester that I had never finished! I decided to redo it and add captions and some nice music! I also used TikTok for this assignment and posted it (privately) to my account! Enjoy

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  1. Wade

    I can’t see the video, is anyone else having that issue?

    1. admin

      oh no! I think I fixed it lmk if you can see it now!

  2. Bird Hanning

    I can’t see it either, and I was so excited to

  3. Bird Hanning

    I can see it now, this is so fun! the music is great and the energy is awesome! Very fun to watch

  4. What I eat in a day – Amy’s Online Thoughts

    […] this assignment I got inspiration from Cece’s video! I always see these videos on TikTok, so I also made mine on there too (it only seemed fitting). I […]

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