Book Compilation

** two stars

I chose to make a compilation video from the assignment bank this week. The original assignment said to download videos from YouTube to make the video but I strayed away from that a little so the assignment would better fit for my final project. For my final project I have decided to make a TikTok account for college graduates called “lifeaftercollege2”. I will be making a bunch of videos ranging from interviews, book reviews and other helpful tips. I will be using this weeks assignments as a way to start making some of the videos.

For this video I used TikTok to make a compilation video of book recommendations for recent graduates! I included pictures of the books, summaries and some calming background music. I was also sure to add closing credits at the end that cited where I got all my information. After my video was finished I published it both, the TikTok account and Vimeo.

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  1. Wade

    Awesome compilation of books! You did a great job on this assignment!

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