Revisiting My Trip

I chose to revisit my “lets take a trip” blog post.

I don’t think I rushed through it last time but I wanted to update my post with a more current trip I took! I also just really liked using this website last time and I wanted to spend a little more time playing with it. This website basically lets you made an electronic map so you can document things that happen at certain places! I chose to document my sprig break this year!

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  1. Bird Hanning

    This is really cool! That website is a very nice way to catalog a trip, looked like fun!

  2. Jenny

    This is really cool and even better than the first. Thanks for creating this assignment so now I know I can do this too! It’s a great idea to memorialize a trip this way, especially because I forget what I did from day to day, and what route I actually took, wandering around…. great job!

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